Try ubuntu without installing or modifying your existing windows on desktop or laptop with this live CD.

Millions of users around the world are using ubuntu Linux as alternate desktop to windows.
Its lightning fast, more secure and have thousands of windows equivalent applications.
Most of all it is free you can download it from the site or you can order a free CD.

Canonical is a company which works with the open-source community to deliver ubuntu, the world’s best free software platform. helps you to know more about ubuntu Linux and software available for ubuntu Linux.

we also helps to compare the windows equivalent software in ubuntu. our helps section guide you to use different functionality of ubuntu Linux.

To order a CD you just need to create a login and provide shipping address for delivery of CD's.
CD will be deliver at your door steps without any charges.

your need to create login in Launchpad, it is the central point where canonical gather all sorts of interactions around ubuntu, Canonical and free software generally. You can use your Launchpad account to report bugs, to find or contribute translations, to find specs, to contribute code.

ubuntu and compiz desktop effect